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Nearly two weeks later, I have yet to hear anything, even though I tried the various communication avenues. No response; however, I did get a survey to fill out to describe how they did with the customer service. I still have a brand new band, that has never been worn, has never worked and I can't get it replaced. Thanks Jawbone/UP for your fine service wasting my time and money. I am extremely disappointed and I advise everyone who...
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Jawbone Up2 Fitness Tracker Review from Sardinia, Ohio
Less than one year of wear and it literally fell apart on my wrist.Customer service was surly and antagonistic. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!
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I purchased UP2 a year ago and it stopped working after 6 months and I received replacement. Now replacement just stop working too. Jawbone says warranty expired. The replacement barely worked one year and stopped working. Now they do not want to replace it. This is shameful. Their product is not working even a year!! Period. It looks like poorly designed product and very poor customer service. Based on my experience, I would recommend NOT TO...
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That's the second wristle band I buy from jawbone and it brakes before 1 month of using . Jawbone dont answers my e-mails back , and it's the second product that I buy and it brakes. Never buy anything from jawbone again!!!!!!!!!!!! After one week the leds stoped working , and Started some problems to connect with my iphone , then it stoped working totally .Two years ago I just bought 1st jawbone wristle band and it stoped working after one...
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