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I bought my wife a up 24 May 27th, 2014. Within the first 90 days, that item failed, called support, after everything was tried  she was sent a replacement. That replacement failed, same thing , sent another replacement. A short time later, that item failed , same...
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So, after posting my complaint I went to visit my elderly mother in her nursing home, as I do every week, and as I entered the building I suddenly got a text from my Up2 band tellng me it just synced with my phone . . . Okay, so although I'd already asked them if...
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I received a navy ble UP24 as a gift from my kids for Xmas 2014. By March the plug cap was worn out and wouldn't stay on. Called Jawbone and after sending me several new caps, which wasn't the problem, they finally agreed to send me their newer model- an UP2, but in...
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